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I have graded you all on yesterday's pop quiz. Results are listed below in graph form. Correct answers are noted on the bar graphs in blue, and I have given you cheatsheet links where you could have looked up the answers. Thank you for your participation.

Super duper kudos to whoever Ashley Ann is, because she got 100% right! I have e-mailed asking for her phone number, and have been warming up my pipes to sing the Golden Girls theme song to her. She has yet to respond to me. Don't be scared, Ashley Ann. I hate talking on the phone so I won't keep you long! Thank you for reading/listening/retaining information so well, and/or being the luckiest fucking guesser ever. If it's the second one, pack your bags, we're going to Vegas.

1. Which of the following foods will I actually eat?

I'm surprised by the results of this one, as I thought I ranted about how I eat red meat all the time. Additionally, I have explicitly listed onions, pickles, and seafood on this list of the things I hate.

2. What is my dad's name?

For the answer to this one, please see postings from 1999-present, as I practically mention my dad every single day. I e-mailed this out to a few friends who probably don't read my diary or know me that well, and they have ruined the bell curve for the rest of you with the "Richard" guess.

3. Regarding jewelry, I would most like to have a necklace made out of:

Good work, everyone!!! Apparently I have made it fairly clear that I do not like cats! Again, there are millions of postings you could probably refer to in order to find the answer to this, the most obvious one being the time I told my dad to find me a cat skull so I could make a necklace.

4. Which of the Monkees do I most relate to?

This is a total trick question. I only expected my sisters know the answer to this one*, as we have assigned one of the Monkees to correspond with each of our personalities. It is also even trickier than that because I in some way relate to each member of the Monkees: Mickey for his obnoxiousness, Mike for his Texanness...but the question reads who do I MOST relate to, and the answer to that question is definitely Peter.

* As expected, all three of my sisters answered this question correctly.

5. I drive:

Another trick question, considering I used to drive an aqua Ford Mustang. Ha, ha those of you who got suckered in on that one! For a history of all the cars I have owned, and a teaser of the fact that I was on the verge of buying a VW Golf, go here.

6. What is my default CB handle?

I was kind of a bastard for asking this one, too, because Joy is really the only person on earth who would know this answer*. However, I did allude to this on my posting "CBs Make Everything Better."

* As expected, Joy answered this question correctly.

7. Which of the following famous people did I actually meet in person?

If you will take a close gander at all these graphs, you will see this is the only question that the majority of the respondents did not answer correctly. I am so pleased that some people actually did go for Victor from Young and the Restless! However, the correct answer was Jack Black as you can read on my entry about the night of the Tenacious D show. I did kinda sorta almost meet Corey Feldman when we went to see Goonies in a cave a few years ago, but not Haim.

8. What is my favorite beer?

I don't know if I have ever talked about this? And really the answer should have been "All beers." Well, except Guinness. I hate Guinness. Bleck. Shame on you for answering Guinness.

9. Who would win in a wrestling match between Henry Rollins and God?

Technically this question has nothing to do with me. It is one of my favorite questions to ask when I first meet someone, though. Did you see Henry Rollins on "I Love the 80s" where he was playing with a Care Bear?

10. Which actor do I want to portray me in the Hollywood dramatization of my life?

DAVID Arquette??? Renton...Lindy...Dirk...Anji...WTF? Haven't you seen my slightly crooked second to middle front teeth and big boobs that are exactly 100% like Patricia? Are you trying to be retarded, or holy crap do I really look like David Arquette?? Or do you mean that I am retarded enough that I might want David Arquette to play me? Either way, WTF?

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